You Inc. Quarterly Method

Personal Strategy & Goal Setting For Professionals
Thrive In Your Career, Relationship, and in 'Me' Time

You CAN Have It All

Figure Out What You Really Want &  Let's Tackle It Together, One Quarter At A Time



More Connection – Less Tension

More laughter – Less Anxiety


More Harmony – Less Frustration  




Your success should not be left to chance.


To thrive in your personal brand, like an incorporated business, you must have a plan, work the plan, re-evaluate, pivot, and work the new plan. 


Think of You Inc Quarterly Method as a  guide to your own personal operating system.  


Become the most incredible version of yourself and achieve an incredible life of love and longevity.





What is the Quarterly Method?

A step-by-step goal hacking method that will give you absolute clarity on what you need and want from a passionate relationship, a successful career, and a healthier body... and the simple way to achieve it without adding more time to your schedule. This method has been derived from proven strategies and real-life experience with positively crunching results.



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"My mission is to help you meet your best self!"


If you will let me, I would love to serve and guide you through the tools and skills that will unlock the secrets to thriving in YOUR life. 

I want to help you  make the impact you were designed to make and enjoy the prosperity you deserve!

My mission is to help you meet your best self!  


The Quarterly Coach ~

Dr. Cheryl A. Luther,  DC, MS, CCSP, CCEP, CSCS, PES

Founder,  You Inc. Quarterly Method

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Discover What Other People Are Saying About Us



No one went on the defensive or put up roadblocks. It was very principled discussions leading to decisions!”

Sandy K.





“I would like to thank you for a chance to partake in the quarterly method. While my wife and I considered ourselves to communicate very well, this method allowed us to not only fine-tune our communication, reinforced our goals and direction of our future, and work on areas where we needed improving. The tools we learned in the Quarterly Method have allowed us to organize a few job tasks that were needed to be completed that we had been procrastinating on. It has also allowed us to create a monthly, yearly, and three-year plan. This method allows us to discuss and keep track of all that happens in our lives in an organized manner, leaving us with more time to do what we love without the stress of worrying about what needs to be done! We are looking forward to our next quarterly meeting!”

Jodi V.


"Cheryl has been instrumental in my development as a leader/husband. Gaining knowledge from her insight and experience has been invaluable. I very much respect how she approaches her work with professionalism and attention to detail. I am honored to have her as a mentor and look forward to working with her in the future!”

Kevin M.



The personal values and other analysis and prep tools were very helpful in getting us comfortable and on track. The honesty and openness was enabled through being in a safe space you provided, as many issues surfaced through this process.






"Dr. Cheryl Luther has a wealth of knowledge. She is caring and her work gets great results. I highly recommend Dr. Luther. She is very good."


Dr. Gena B.



"In working with Cheryl, you will realize that she is very focused on digging into the process of what improvements can be made and how we can improve the goal by making them. She has the ability to ask the hard questions that need to be addressed and knows how to implement a process to ensure we are not setting up future landmines." 


Katherine B.


"Cheryl Luther is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and knowledgeable practitioners I know. Her hard work and dedication make her an asset to any client base. Clients are privileged to have such a competent doctor supporting them. I am proud to have worked with her."

Vic D.


“OMG, the weight has been lifted off my shoulders!”

Val F.



"We appreciate your time and your generosity in sharing your programme with us. We very much look forward to a follow-up to help keep us on track." 

Ann & Beth




“We found many eye-openers in the exercises for both of us. “Oh that’s why this happens,” “that’s why she reacts that way,” several ah-ha moments.

Jennifer S.



"Dr. Cheryl Luther is a passionate coach who has the client's well-being and success at heart. She has helped me countless times with challenges I faced and is someone I can feel confident about referring friends to."


Alec N.


It has impacted our ability to better understand why each of us reacts the way we do. And that it’s ok to be different. Improved our communication too.

Jordan C.


It works. Trust the process. Do it as prescribed, no shortcuts. Commit to it and to each other.

Susan D.




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