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Many years ago, I met this amazing woman, and I was confident that I wanted something epic with her – but I didn’t want to leave it to chance.

I defaulted into business mode, as I often do, and asked her if she would be willing to join me for my personal quarterly assessment.

She had no idea what I meant, but she agreed…. and this is a picture years later after the process has become a mainstay in our very happily married life.

I started implementing this process as an individual and then progressed to working with my partner. 

I want to share this method of goal setting with you, and if you're ready for a relationship boost I want to share this connection and safe talk with you and your partner.

I honestly don’t know how couples survive the ups and downs of life without the unshakable connection this process breeds. 

Every entrepreneur who wants a rock-solid foundation needs this process.

~Dr. Cheryl A. Luther



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