We Are

A little bit weird, a little bit different, a lot a bit of fun and happy to be taking on the challenge of being better humans. 

We create incredible lives and design our legacies with purpose and intention.

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You Inc. Core Values


  • Authenticity

  • Personal Growth & Development

  • Quality Relationships

  • Responsibility & Accountability

  • Health and Wellness

What Does YOU INC. Mean?


Your Success should not be left to chance. To thrive in your personal life, like an incorporated business, you must have a plan, work the plan, re-evaluate, pivot, and work the new plan. Think of the You Inc. Quarterly Method as a guide to your own Personal Operating System.

The You Inc. Promise To You...


We proudly do things a little bit differently at You Inc. Quarterly Method.
Setting ourselves apart is a point we take seriously.


  • We promise to deliver sound practices that, with hard work and perseverance, will help you build the life you desire. 


  • We guide our tribe through a process designed to generate long-term, meaningful success and happiness.

  • We want to see you succeed!

  • We believe in abundance. There is enough for all of us, and all of us are enough.

Become Part of The Uncommon Doer Tribe!

You Inc. Quarterly Method offers multiple program options designed to help you achieve success quickly. 

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“OMG, the weight has been lifted off my shoulders!”

Val F.

The personal values and other analysis and prep tools were very helpful in getting me comfortable and on track. The honesty and openness was enabled through being in a safe space you provided, as many issues surfaced through this process.

Beth T.

“We found many eye-openers in the exercises for both of us. “Oh that’s why this happens,” “that’s why she reacts that way,” several ah-ha moments.

Scott C.

It works. Trust the process. Do it as prescribed, no shortcuts. Commit to it and to yourself.

Cee Cee D.

"Dr. Cheryl Luther is a passionate coach who has the client's well-being and success at heart. She has helped me countless times with challenges I faced and is someone I can feel confident about referring friends to."


Dr. Alec N.

It has impacted my ability to better understand why I react the way I do. And that it’s ok to be different. Improved my communication too.

Jordan C.