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I am a chiropractic physician, a certified life coach, and a World Champion in Women's Professional Football. I help those willing to put the work in to unlock the secrets of BOTH success AND happiness.

I'm a Six Sigma-certified executive and the founder of You Inc. Quarterly Method — an educational company designed to teach the skills and systems needed to create a life of happiness, extraordinary relationships, and financial independence. 

Previously, I was a successful executive at a global public health organization, where I traveled around the world building teams and transforming business units into revenue-making machines. And before that, I was the Clinic Director for my sports chiropractic practice — a business that is still thriving today.

I love sports and outdoor activities.  Athletically, I was fortunate enough to play soccer at Grand Valley State University, and later 12 years of Women’s Professional Football, winning two World Championships with the Detroit and Atlanta teams.

After a ton of self-work and discovery, I finally found and married the love of my life.  She is my partner in crime (good trouble) and thankfully understands my love to work.  We have multiple fur babies, all with hilarious personalities!

That self-work that I mentioned was, and still is, part of my journey.  I experienced a tough childhood with learning challenges, being gay, being poor, and I was on the receiving end of some pretty mean bullies for being 'different'. Perseverance and self-preservation were driving forces that helped me make it to college, but doing the inner work is what helped me create a life I'm proud of today. 


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Humble Roots...

School was tough. I struggled to read and keep up with my peers, but I knew that I didn’t want to be labeled “the dumb one.”  Kids are cruel and the bullying started early.  Not having lunch money and wearing hand-me-downs was bad enough, but not fitting in with the girls wearing dresses and talking about make-up nor fitting in with the boys, just because I wasn’t one, set me up as the weird outsider. 

So, every night, starting very early on, I would stay up into the wee hours of the night, finishing homework, re-reading assigned chapters, working on projects, and studying hard to fly under the radar of my teachers and peers.  I did such a great job of hiding my disabilities and achieving good grades that I was lumped in with the smart kids in the smart classes! I was the dumbest smart kid – and I struggled hard!  I was so thankful when high school came to an end, but I also knew the struggle was not over.  I needed to figure out a way to support myself and college seemed like the only way forward.  My grades were good enough plus my skills on the athletic field helped me earn a scholarship to GVSU.

Once in college, I began to unravel the emotional hurdles from childhood and really start understanding who I was as a person and what values were important to my future.  I worked hard to earn a degree in Communications while playing collegiate soccer, but I still didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career by the time graduation rolled around. 

Innate Push...

However, there was this nagging voice that kept reminding me of a promise I made to myself when I was riding the school bus home from kindergarten.  At the time, I was miserable and hungry and hated getting made fun of by the other kids and knew I wouldn’t get much sympathy at home.  So, in my childhood logic, I thought that making money and being important would help me escape the hate and misery of the situation I was in. 

In that moment, on the bus, I decided doctors were wealthy and important and that I would become a doctor.  I counted out the years of remaining school on my tiny fingers and prepared my mind for the long haul.  Where in the world I came up with that, I’m not sure, but it was a guiding light years later when I was trying to decide my future.  My glaring problem with that plan was that I passed out with the sight or smell of blood! 

I knew that my passion was helping others thrive and become their best self and I wanted to help people avoid the physical pain that kept them from thriving.  Chiropractic fit the criteria, and the government was more than happy to help me dig a financial hole, so off to school I went!  Even with my learning disabilities, my perseverance and resourcefulness allowed me to become the first person at Life University to have earned both a Master’s and Doctoral degree simultaneously.

After graduation, I bought a small chiropractic practice and made a go of it. I initially thought I had everything figured out. 

Zero Business Skills...

But the problem was that although I was a skilled doctor, I had ZERO business skills. There is a lot of stuff they don’t teach you in chiropractic school, and running a successful practice is one of them.  I worked virtually around the clock — literally sleeping at the office — trying to make my business successful.  But in the end, I failed miserably.

I sold what I had left of the practice and bounced around as an employee, IC, or substitute at different practices for a while.  I just couldn’t seem to find a practice that treated both their patients and their doctors with respect and with their best interests in mind.  I was so disappointed and disenfranchised with the profession I chose.  Finally, a mentor helped me recognize that I had the power to change my outcomes and I decided to try one more time to open my own practice.

Failing Forward...

I knew that to make my new practice successful, I needed to acquire business skills — no one can be expected to know everything, so it was time to buckle down and study again to acquire those skills.

I sought out coaches and programs, I tried new skills – and failed.  I studied what was working for others, and eventually stumbled on a little bit of success!  I then clawed my way into a profitable practice by implementing the key business strategies and systems that I have continued to build upon over the years.

A side effect of leveling up my business skills was that I was also leveling up my interpersonal and relational skills.  My relationships were becoming stronger, with deep understanding and clear communication.

Helping Others Thrive...

After 12 seasons of playing football and 17 years of soccer before that, my body was unable to keep up with the demands of a sports chiropractic practice and I sold my business.  Although I couldn’t physically bend over a table all day, I still had the business skills I had learned and I took those to the corporate setting. 

At the time, I was astonished that my corporate colleagues were lacking basic business skills.  I now recognize that most workers in the corporate setting, just like most entrepreneurs, have never been introduced to sound business skills in their formal education. 

I was initially charged with leading a failing department with major employee issues, processes held together by threads, and a negative gross margin.  So, I put my head down and started to implement what I had learned in private practice.  I was lucky to have had staff in about 20 different countries and the work took me around the world.  I loved learning about different cultures and experiencing new perspectives.

As I started to make some big positive changes, I was able to build the most amazing team and we grew the department to tens of millions in annual revenue with a healthy gross margin in just a few short years. 


Can't Wait To Share It With You!

In fact, I was getting requests from other executives to teach them my methods and secrets – it started pulling me away from my real job duties.  I was flown around the globe to teach VPs, CEOs, Directors and seasoned employees how to develop and follow through on strategies for their departments and programs. 

During this time, I started developing a personal process that my wife and I now call the Quarterly Method.  Without all the struggle and the opportunity to grow and learn, I would have never developed this process which means…  I would have never met or married the love of my life! 

This personal operating system is one of the best things that I can share with others who want to thrive in their own skin.

This is when I realized that helping others succeed in their businesses and life was so much more rewarding than my corporate position, so I left to coach full-time.

It didn’t take long for clients and friends to recognize my happiness and prosperity and I have received a lot of requests to share my method.

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The You Inc. Quarterly Method

You Inc. Quarterly Method is founded on the concept that we all have an innate potential to succeed and we have an inalienable right to be loved as the truest sense of ourselves.  The key is that it won't happen on it's own; we must decide what we want, create a plan and take action to reach our dreams.

I act as a coach, motivator, and mentor for my clients and guide them to the knowledge and tools they need to grow into the people who achieve success for themselves.  It's already innately in each one of us, I just help illuminate the path.

I believe that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.  When you reach your optimal potential, you can soar and do great things, both for yourself and for others.

I believe that struggle to some degree is necessary to appreciate the success.  But overwhelming struggle can be crushing and devastating emotionally and physically.  Having the right mentor, makes all the difference to avoid the pitfalls and can quickly accelerate your success!


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"In working with Cheryl, you will realize that she is very focused on digging into the process of what improvements can be made and how we can improve the goal by making them. She has the ability to ask the hard questions that need to be addressed and knows how to implement a process to ensure we are not setting up future landmines." 


Katherine B.

"Dr. Cheryl Luther has a wealth of knowledge. She is caring and her work gets great results. I highly recommend Dr. Luther. She is very good."


Dr. Gena B.

"Cheryl Luther is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and knowledgeable practitioners I know. Her hard work and dedication make her an asset to any client base. Clients are privileged to have such a competent doctor supporting them. I am proud to have worked with her."

Dr. Vic D.