Quarterly Communication Masterclass:

A Step-By-Step Relationship Communication Hacking Process

Have your epic, long-lasting, and passionate relationship that you know you deserve!


Create a long-lasting passionate relationship!
This relationship hacking program will give you the tools and guidance to be the HAPPIEST couple in the room.
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Create a Long-lasting, Passionate Relationship


  • You Inc. Quarterly Communication Masterclass is a relationship hacking program that will give you absolute clarity on what you need and want from a passionate relationship – and guides you through proven strategies for achieving it.


  • Find out where you are currently in your relationship and what’s stopping you from having what you want.


  • This program features insights and principles discovered through real work with real couples.


  • Witness the incredible transformations in your own life and see how they can impact your relationship for years to come.


  • Whether you are looking for connection or looking to reignite your passion, this results-oriented relationship communication program will help you create the lasting love you desire.


Lasting, passionate love isn’t something you fall into simply out of luck — it’s something you build. 

- Dr. Cheryl A. Luther


Have you given up on finding 'the one'? Is your current relationship suffering? Are you quite quitting your relationship?

You may think that passion naturally fades, or that there isn’t a person for everyone.  Or, worse yet, that there's only one true soulmate out there... This just isn’t true.


Lasting, passionate love isn’t something you fall into simply out of luck — it’s something you create.


With this communication Masterclass, you’ll discover how to create extraordinary, long-lasting love and passion by treating your relationship like it’s new every day. By using effective communication techniques, focusing on fulfilling your partner’s needs, and putting in the work to understand your partner’s perspective, while upholding your healthy boundaries, you can achieve a passionate relationship that stands the test of time.

"We appreciate your time and your generosity in sharing your programme with us. We very much look forward to a follow-up to help keep us on track." 

Ann & Beth

"Dr. Cheryl is a woman of great integrity, passion, and skills. I enthusiastically endorse her. She will treat you well.''

Dr. Garett F.


    It’s like having a relationship GPS at your fingertips. You’ll be coached every step of the way. With each lesson logically flowing from the last.


    Experience immediate results when you have the right tools, tricks, and techniques. And don’t worry, these things are easy to master.


    Join us for live events or watch the video lessons on your time-table from the comfort of your home. Then hop on your computer for a weekly group coaching session with other couples who get you.


    No longer feel isolated and alone in your relationship journey. You’ll be getting support from other couples that are growth-oriented and learning to thrive.


    You won’t be overwhelmed or drained. In fact, you’ll be invigorated by the bite-sized trainings that are full of practical steps and skills that will immediately help your relationship take a giant leap forward.


    Your guide on this journey of personal develoment, Dr. Cheryl, will help you accelerate your relationship growth and transformation so that you can be the happiest couple in the room.

What's Included In This Program

You Inc. Quarterly Communication Couples Goal Setting Masterclass

Limited Time New Release Price

What to Expect:

  • Uncover your partner's secrets
  • Create an unshakable partnership
  • Discover how to broach the toughest topics
  • Walk away with a full game plan 
  • Eliminate your greatest relationship fears
  • Feel the magnetic connection

“We found many eye-openers in the exercises for both of us. “Oh that’s why this happens,” “that’s why he reacts that way,” several ah-ha moments.

Jennifer S.

“This experience has been life-changing! I see now why my first marriage was so rocky, oh my gosh! So many things I could have done differently.

Elaine M.

You Inc. Quarterly Communication Masterclass


Limited Time - New Course Discount!

  • What you'll get:

    • 6 Week Masterclass  (Value = $2997)
    • 6+ Weeks Live Q+A Sessions (Value = $1997)
    • You Inc Quarterly Method Framework (Value = $997) 
    • Masterclass Replay 365 days (Value = $497)
    • Masterclass Workbook (Value = $397)
    • One-page Operating Blueprint (Value = $397 
    • Bonus: Extra Live Q&A Session (Value = $297)
    • Bonus: Full Personality Report (2x) (Value = $169)
    • Bonus: Date Day Idea Blueprint (Value = $29)
    • Bonus: Printable Quarterly Calendar  (Value = $29)

    (TOTAL VALUE = $7,806) 

    Actual Investment = $997



See What Our Clients Are Saying...

Jodi and Laurie

Hear about Jodi and Laurie's experience in their own words....

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"Cheryl has been instrumental in my development as a leader/husband. Gaining knowledge from her insight and experience has been invaluable. I very much respect how she approaches her work with professionalism and attention to detail. I am honored to have her as a mentor and look forward to working with her in the future!”

Kevin M.

“I would like to thank you for a chance to partake in the quarterly method. While my wife and I considered ourselves to communicate very well, this method allowed us to not only fine-tune our communication, reinforced our goals and direction of our future, and work on areas where we needed improving. We are looking forward to our next quarterly meeting!”

Jodi V.

Dr. Cheryl Luther has a wealth of knowledge. She is caring and her work gets great results. I highly recommend Dr. Luther!''

Dr. Gena B.


Frequently Asked Questions


There's NO RISK because you have 15 days to dive in, watch the modules, print the worksheets, and you are even encouraged to show up to a couple of the live Q&A Sessions...and THEN you can decide if this is for you. If not, no problem. Just email us at [email protected]

15-Day Money Back Guarantee

You Inc. Quarterly Communication Masterclass

Limited Time New Release Course

What to Expect:

  • Discover the ONE skill you need to instantly connect or reconnect with each other.
  • Uncover the SOLUTION to your brain reflex that’s sabotaging your relationship serenity.
  • Understand the SECRET to get much more of what you crave from your partner.
  • Experience the BIG shift that will take your relationship from ho-hum to epic!
  • Own the SIMPLE steps to create the happiest relationship you’ve ever had (even if you’ve tried couples counseling previously and it didn’t work).


…and how to do all of this while kindling the love and passion you had in the beginning of your relationship.

Our proven method does work!